movt nr. 8: The Quality of 21

Commissioned by: Small Axe for sx visualities., New York, New York, USA, 2015 Video: 7 minutes Essay : “When We Start Thinking: Charl Landvreugd’s Multivalent Afropean Aesthetic” by Rosamond S. King   The work takes it’s inspiration from Charl’s research at the Research Center for Material Culture where he looks at the role of photography…

movt nr. 8: Destination Inner Space

Commissioned by WORM for Afrofuturism Now! Festival, Rotterdam, Netherlands, 2015 Performance – character, albert heyn shopping bag, car light, camera Installation– 5 screen video, smoke, mirror ball, soundtrack Review by Viktor Evink: The installation consisted of three walls, divided into five areas to which short fragments of moving imagery was projected. The fragments – a…

movt nr. 8: Robby

Commissioned by Moengo Triennial, Moengo Suriname, 2015 Photographic installation “A series of photographs and one mirror form the contribution of Charl Landvreugd to ‘Tembe fu libi’. From left to right the images become more abstract, blurry even. In the first picture one can see the artist himself, standing still in an open space, the opening…

movt nr. 8: Lobi Singi (2015)

In Destination Inner Space (2013), Landvreugd reflected on the different sources that create the uniqueness of what may be described as a Continental European Blackness. The visual and aural bombardment of styles, the mash up of spoken word, music, reversals and song surmounted in a catchy performance if one had the chance to witness it….

movt nr. 8: /ˈblakdʒak/

after Black Jack (Mapplethorpe 1982) – Private collection Netherlands /ˈblakdʒak/ # 2   /ˈblakdʒak/ # 1